The Plan:

A Green Community

  • A natural system that will direct the development’s storm water and runoff through Hollywood Park’s lakes and vegetated areas and clean it before it enters the storm drain system
  • Sustainable design strategies that will emphasize recycling, conservation, energy efficiency and the use of quality, durable products
  • A recycling program for nearly all waste generated by demolition and construction activities
  • Energy and water conservation standards that will adhere to the federal government’s Energy Star guidelines for energy-efficient homes. This includes the use of double pane windows to keep interiors comfortable and utility bills low, and homes that feature energy and water efficient appliances, lighting as well as heating and cooling systems to reduce consumption of electricity and water.
  • Native or drought-resistant plants for landscaping and reclaimed water in the district’s irrigation system. The use of fertilizers and insecticides will be managed to reduce environmental impacts.