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A Community Vision:

Our Commitment

Hollywood Park EntranceThe Hollywood Park Tomorrow development team is committed to bringing a new, high-quality community right to the heart of Inglewood. Comprised of an exciting mix of entertainment, retail, residential, office, civic, gaming, and recreational uses, the unique design of this site transforms the park-like setting of the Hollywood Park into a vibrant new city center with 25 acres of a public park system to be cherished by residents, visitors, tenants and Inglewood residents. Inglewood residents have voiced their priorities for Hollywood Park Tomorrow over the past few years at a series of open houses, appearances at town hall and block club meetings throughout the City as well as meeting with civic and business organizations. The goal was to create a plan for Hollywood Park Tomorrow that meets the expectations of the surrounding community and represents the visions of Inglewood residents.

We will continue to discuss our plans with local homeowners and business owners throughout the city’s public review and approval process and look forward to hearing more of your feedback on our plans for Hollywood Park Tomorrow. Click the “Sign-up” button below and tell us your thoughts about this new community coming to Inglewood.